"Delirium" è il terzo album di studio dell'artista inglese Ellie Goulding ed è stato pubblicato il 6 novembre 2015.

Il singolo principale è "On My Mind' è stato presentato il 17 settembre 2015. [1]

Il secondo singolo UK è "Army" confermato da Capital FM e rilasciato il 9 gennaio 2016.[2]

Il secondo singolo rilasciato a livello internazionale è "Something In The Way You Move" ed è stato trasmesso nelle radi americane dal 19 gennaio 2016. [3]

"Keep On Dancin'"[4] dovrebbe essere il quarto singolo dell'album che dovrebbe essere rilasciato ad aprile 2016.


In un intervista del giornale inglese The Sun Ellie Goulding ha annunciato che l'album si sarebbe ispirato alla natura, non all'amore a causa del suo guardare documentari sulla natura soprattutto quelli di David Attenborough. Questo è stato anche dimostrato in un'intervista VIBE. Ellie ha detto che voleva scrivere di essersi in realtà ispirata a Kate Bush.[5] Ha anche dichiarato che le sue canzoni e i suoi gli album hanno un sacco di brani riguardanti relazioni e rotture e si sente di completare l'album in un modo completamente diverso.

"Al momento sono davvero in scienza e natura sto leggendo l'inizio dell'universo e sto anche guardando documentari di David Attenborough – la sua voce e la sua conoscenza èsno sorprendenti. Se potessi in qualche modo utilizzare la sua voce in una registrazione con me, sarebbe fantastico – la possibilità di fare un punto con la mia musica e la sua autorità", ha detto al giornale britannico "The Sun".." [6]

—Ellie Goulding for the British newspaper The Sun

She also said that during her touring of The Halcyon Days Tour, she hopes to write her new songs for the record but she has no idea when the new album will be released. [7] Her album was also announced to have a specific theme, not just a random bunch of strong songs as she told Billboard. [8]

When Ellie Goulding performed at the Summer Sonic 2014 in Tokyo on the 17th of August, 2014, she had an interview and stated that she had just begun writing her third studio album though she also said in September 2014 that she wasn't ready to write.

"Ho iniziato a scrivere il mio terzo album"!

—Ellie Goulding per l'intervista del Summer Sonic 2014

"I’m not ready for myself to write new stuff. I’m going to say I’m not ready for people to hear new stuff, but yeah".

—Ellie Goulding for VIBE September 2014 interview

She also said to VIBE that she is excited to wear her comfy clothes when she gets into the studio to record instead of her touring, festival or ceremonial clothes.

Il 30 settembre 2014, Ellie ha annunciato di essere ritornata in studio. [9]

Digital Spy spoke with her during the Bacardi Triangle music event in Puerto Rico and she gave details of the upcoming project. She said:

"It’s kind of hard to tell at the moment. I’ve done a few songs that I’m really, really happy with. I kind of don’t want to give it away so soon! I feel like if I start talking about it now, I’ll put it in my own head and it’ll affect the process. I’m excited about the direction. I think it’s easy to do something new and crazy, but I don’t really overthink it when I get in the studio. I start a lot of stuff on guitar and I always have someone who plays piano with me".

—Ellie Goulding for Digital Spy at Bacardi Triangle interview

During the Digital Spy interview she also said that her album may have electronic music, classical music and folk music.:

"I have such an affinity with electronic music, classical music and folk music that so much stuff comes into it. All I’d like to say really is that I’m really happy and excited about the direction of the album".

—Ellie Goulding for Digital Spy at Bacardi Triangle interview

The release in 2015 was announced when Ellie spoke to Digital at the Royal Variety Performance:

"The only big thing coming up for me now is my third album, which won't be out until next year. Everything is going into that."

—Ellie Goulding for Digital Spy at the Royal Variety November interview

Ellie has made a soundtrack single for the Fifty Shades of Grey Soundtrack and the track is called: "Love Me Like You Do". The song was released on the 8th of January. The song premiered on media on the 7th of January.

In a July interview with Billboard Ellie confirmed that her new album will be “definitely bigger” [10]:

"I don’t really know why this word seems appropriate but it’s definitely bigger. Whether that means it’s more adventurous, or a bit more ambitious, or a bit more daring, I don’t know. But I’m certainly taking on something a lot bigger than I have before and sonically it’s a lot bigger. I feel like there were maybe certain restrictions on the last album. But I’m at a point now with this album where it’s just taken on a new life now of its own and I can’t stop it. So that album is coming out and what people make of it I don’t know, but it is coming. It’s nearly finished and it will be out this year. Even if it’s out on 30 December, which is my birthday, it will be out this year."

—Ellie Goulding for July Billboard interview

Goulding also confirmed that she has been working in the studio with Laleh, Diplo, Max Martin and Jim Eliot:

"I’ve worked with Diplo. I’ve worked with producers that I have known for years – Jim Eliot from my last album. I love working with him. I thought the stuff that we did together was something really special, so I had a ‘you don’t fix what isn’t broken kind of attitude.’ He’s just wonderful and I got to go back to my home town [Hereford], which helps the writing process a lot. But then also I’ve been adopted into the Max Martin camp and I love them all dearly."

—Ellie Goulding for July Billboard interview

Later in August, Ellie posted pictures of herself exiting the Abbey Road Studios on Instagram suggesting that she has been recording in the studio for her third album.

In August, Ellie stated:

"I want to make songs that people believe in , to be the soundtrack to someone's something. "Come up with more political lyrics about social causes.... homelessness, animal rights and global warming."

—Ellie Goulding for October Q Magazine interview

and that it would be "a big pop record" with "some big Pop anthems for a lot of people to hear, and some are me and Greg [Kurstin] messing around". Along with the interview, she also revealed that the album is expected to be due by November.

According to Refinery29's interview with Goulding, she stated:

"It's summery. It's pop-y and it's got a summer feeling, but it's more of an end-of-summer feeling. It's kind of heartbreaking at times, but it's also uplifting."

—Ellie Goulding for Refinery29 September interview

And, in the same interview, she revealed a new track called: Two Years Ago

"I have a song on the album that is called 'Two Years.' It's about two years ago, which is before I met my boyfriend. I'm really curious about him. He's my boyfriend, so I'll write about him and his past and the things he's been through. It's pretty amazing stuff and he's a pretty incredible person. It's so easy to write about because there's so many interesting things about him. But then, before that, you know, I went through a phase of being on tour and having a really hard time and not being home, and even just struggling with having a number one song. That was a time when I couldn't deal with anything. I was drinking, and I was not really myself. It's only when you come out of that phase you realize you were in trouble. Now that I'm not in trouble, it makes it more obvious just how close I was to losing it all. Luckily I never got to that point."

—Ellie Goulding for Refinery29 September interview


After teasers for "On My Mind (song)", on the 17th of September, Ellie revealed the official title of her third: "Delirium" which means an acutely disturbed state of mind characterized by restlessness, illusions, and incoherence, occurring in intoxication, fever, and other disorders. [12][13] The expected release date of the album was also revealed to be November 6.

To further promote the album, three promotional singles were released: "Something In The Way You Move", "Lost and Found" and "Army." It was later revealed that Ellie would be performing the song "Army" at the Children In Need Ceremony on the 13th of November.

During the week before the album's release, several radio stations premiered different tracks from the album. "Don't Panic" was the first one to be premiered. It debuted on BBC Radio 2 on 31 October 2015. "Don't Need Nobody" also premiered along with the live versions of many songs including "Codes" and many more.

The album was leaked a day prior it's official release.

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Titolo Length
1. "Intro (Delirium)" 01:54
2. "Aftertaste" 03:46
3. "Something In The Way You Move" 03:47
4. "Keep On Dancin" 03:46
5. "On My Mind" 03:33
6. "Around U" 03:17
7. "Codes" 03:16
8. "Holding On For Life" 04:15
9. "Love Me Like You Do" 04:12
10. "Don't Need Nobody" 03:33
11. "Don't Panic" 03:16
12. "We Can't Move to This" 03:28
13. "Army" 03:57
14. "Lost and Found" 03:36
15. "Devotion" 03:46
16. "Scream it Out" 03:09

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Ellie has announced a world tour in support of the album, titled "Delirium Tour". Tickets became available for the general public on November 7, 2015.


Capital Official confirmed that Ellie told them that her lead single from her new album would be released around March in a tweet. [14] However no single was released at this time; this may be due to the fact that "Love Me Like You Do" was a global hit, prompting the single to be postponed.

The new single was revealed to be called On My Mind firstly confirmed by the iHeart Media Summit which features production by Max Martin. [15]

The second UK single was revealed to be: "Army" as confirmed by Capital FM and was released on the 9th of January, 2016.[16]

The second single released worldwide was revealed to be "Something In The Way You Move" and hit US radio stations on the 19th of January, 2016. [17]

"Keep On Dancin'"[18] will be the fourth official single from the album and will be released in April, 2016 with a brand new version of the song.

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"Something In The Way You Move" was released as the first promotional single from the album on 9 October 2015.[19] It was accompanied by a fan dance lyric video the same day of the song's release.[20] As of December, 2015, it has reached almost then million Spotify streams.

"Lost and Found" and "Army" were the next promotional singles to premiere.


So far, Delirium has received generally positive reviews from music critics. At Metacritic, which assigns a "weighted average" rating out of 100 from selected independent ratings and reviews from mainstream critics, the album received a Metascore of 70/100, based on based on 12 reviews, indicating "generally favorable reviews".

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The album debuted at number three on the UK Albums Chart, and at number one on the UK Download Album Chart selling 38,429 copies in its first week therefore becoming Goulding's best first week sale of her career so far.

Elsewhere; in the US, the album debuted at number three with 61,000 units (42,000 in pure album sales) sold, therefore achieving the highest charting album in the US for Goulding.


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