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Forgotten Fields is an unfinished demo written by Ellie Goulding and Kevin Beber during a 2008 collaboration. Production and writing were undertaken by Kevin Beber. Beatbox was performed by Ellie Goulding. Not much is known about the song except that it was intended for Bright Lights Acoustic. [1] The song was registered on BMI as BMI Work #11325505. [2]

The song is registered with PRS in the UK; tune code 064799KW.


Fields are forgotten
Yet they're all around
Like air, like air, we're like air
Not making a sound
Not making a sound
Not making a single sound

Dreams... oh oh

So many people are lost
The signs are pushed
Down into the ground
And I am a single dot
That moves around
With the others

The people who pretend
To be real people
All broken and unreal
The thing that breaks us
And things that heal


Writers and producers Ellie Goulding and Kevin Beber
Vocals Ellie Goulding & Kevin Beber

Published by



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