A 'Goulddigger' (Commonly spelt incorrectly as 'Gouldigger') is the term used to describe any devoted Ellie Goulding fan. Typical activities for members of 'Goulddiggers' include following Goulding on Twitter and Facebook, listening to Goulding's music, going to her tours, and many other activities.
Ellie g logo

The official logo for Ellie Goulding's career and fanbase.


While getting Ellie was interviewed by VICE in January, 2013, Ellie stated that she receives necklaces that say 'Gould Diggers':

Fans have bought me like Swarovski things. Quite incredible things, like hats and clothes, necklaces. They make necklaces that say “Gould Diggers.” [1]

—Ellie Goulding for VICE

Later on, Ellie Goulding's fans have decided to name themselves 'Goulddiggers' and was later noticed officially by Ellie and therefore it was used throughout.

Ever since the release of her songs, albums, merchandise etc., there is always a triangles with the circle in the middle with the letters ('Lights' era font): 'EG' meaning 'Ellie Goulding' and this thought to represent 'goulddiggers'.

Other infoEdit

There is no definite gender separation fan names for 'Goulddiggers' so both male and female fans are classified as 'Goulddiggers'. Some people may spell 'Goulddiggers' as 'Gouldiggers' or 'Goulddingers' or 'Goulddingers' missing out one 'd' or adding an additional 'n'; this is incorrect but still can be used but should be avoided.


'Goulddiggers' are NOT classified as 'gold diggers'. It is just a fan base name and do not get confused!