Topcatsuk Royal Wallace also known as Wallace is a male cat of the breed Bengal due to its leopard patterns. He has been Ellie Goulding's cat since October, 2015. Ellie's other cats include Lennon and Eve.


Wallace has light, icy, turquoise eyes with sharp and pointy ears. He has white fur with shades of yellow which resembles a leopard. His spots are with a shade of gold and brown.

Lennon's parents are called "Sky" and "Royal Sabre" and came from a litter of 3 males.

"Wallace and Lennon are not actually brothers as I bred them both here at topcatsuk in Rotherham and sold them both to Ellie last year. Wallace is an aqua eyed mink bengal and Lennon is a golden brown rosseted bengal. Their full names are Topcatsuk Royal Wallace and Topcatsuk Royal Lennon. Wallaces parents are Sky and Royal Sabre and Lennons parents are Jasmine and Royal Ringo. Wallace came from a litter of 3 males and Lennon came from a litter of 3 males and 1 female Ruby. Ruby is staying here at topcatsuk to become a breeder when shes older as her mum Jasmine has just had her last litter so is due to be retired and tehomed later this year."

—A message from the actual breeder: Gillian Mitchell


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